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Do you desire?

 to understand the nuances of your somatic body?


to learn how to track the subtleties of your nervous system and be more aware

of what is happening within? 

to be more embodied?

to expand your capacity for emotional regulation?

to have an incredible toolkit of self regulation & co-regulation exercises?

to experience the felt sense of being in an attuned and coherent field?

to have authentic connections where you feel seen, heard, cared for and loved?

to learn the art of full body listening and how to communicate in a way

where you feel connected, safe and nourished?

to have healthier and more secure relationships?​

to connect and form a loving relationship with your inner child?

to move through shame spirals with ease?

to learn how to hold yourself and others in a good way?

to be more empathic, compassionate and kind?

to have repair after ruptures or conflict in a good way?

to turn triggers into turn on and play?

to remain in connection even through disconnect?

to know yourself and your needs and be able to communicate

them directly and clearly?

to have boundaries that bring more connection and intimacy into your life?

to move from a natural place of appreciation, warmth and love?


It takes practice, consistency and having a regulated nervous system in order to experience the full spectrum and richness of life in this way.​

this is an art

"The container is so welcoming, this course felt like home."


come explore


and parts






5 Weeks Exploring the Art of Embodied Relating &

Nervous System Regulation


8 Live Calls covering the foundational teachings of ALL THE LAYERS by zoom transmissions which includes breakout room partner exercises, group exercises & somatic and embodiment practices which will give you the felt sense of the material so it will land deeper in your body and into your day to day life.

2.5 hour long calls. That's 20 hours total. These will be recorded and available for replay so if you can't make it live, that's okay. On the calls you will be able to ask questions and share intimately to get to know each other in a deeper and more authentic way.

​OVER 75 videos of pre-recorded content. YES, you read that right. There are over 75 videos for you to explore. This is worth the course price in and of itself! There is an incredible toolkit for you to receive deeper embodied transmissions.

Connection Portal: Discord is an amazing app that we will use during the 5 weeks to connect with each other for partner practices, private messages, group chats etc. This will be the place to share authentically, to be witnessed in your vulnerability and to ask any questions in between the live calls. This is how we can get to know each other better and inspire each other along the way.



Tuesday Aug 30th: Opening Call/Settling into the Container

Thursday Sept 1st: Nervous System Regulation

Tuesday Sept 6th: Embodied Communication 

Thursday Sept 8th: Embodied Curiosity

Tuesday Sept 13th/15th: Pause/Integration

Tuesday Sept 20th: Attachment/Inner Child Healing

Thursday Sept 22nd: Embodied Repair

Tuesday Sept 27th: Knowing your Needs & Somatic Boundaries



Thursday Sept 29th: Closing Integration/Appreciation Circle 

Live Calls will be at 4pm EST, 1pm PDT, 10am HST


Course Curriculum




d e e p e r





Course Price

Anchor 1

Sliding Scale Honor System

$899- $1,500

Level 1: $899

 For those who are low income, no savings as well as single mama's, bipoc and humans who are not able bodied. Flexible payment plans available.

Level 2: $1,199

For those who are low to mid income, with some money in savings.

Level 3: $1,499

For those who are mid to high income/stably employed and financial ease.

For those who can pay the full price please do so as that allows us to offer a discount to those who are less resourced as a form of community care.

FYI: Above is a reference for you to know where you land on the sliding scale. You can pick ANY price between $899-$1,500

Choose your price and register below:

If you need a payment plan, send me a message to or a DM on social and I will set it up for you! There is a small extra fee added on if you make payments!

There are no refunds for this course



"The container and spaces that Anaia hold's are so safe. I feel that I can actually attune to my nervous system now and I was never able to do that before I met Anaia. She has truly changed my life." Zanny Anderson

''ALL THE LAYERS was such a deep authentic and safe container. Probably the deepest I have experienced through Zoom. This program is not another program that will sit on your shelf. It is so rich in somatic and relational tools. If you show up on the calls, you are integrating the work as you go. This is truly a gem. The intimacy and bonds created between all the participants was very touching. I felt seen, heard, appreciated. My inner child felt so safe and nourished. Anaia genuinely cares about all of us and it is truly felt. I would absolutely love to do a 2nd round. This is how impacting All The Layers was for me. I recommend to anyone doing the work and seeking to embody more love, presence and safety." Vanessa D'Amours

"This course felt like a transmission of the grace and power Anaia has learned through her own wisdom around what it is to be in relationship in this world as a sensitive, attuned, perceptive human. Anaia showed up each week with the vulnerability of her own experiences, while holding such exquisite space for each of us to express, explore, and learn in fun and deep ways. She gave excellent tools to use, games to play, and exercises to practice in ourselves, with friends, and with beloveds as a means to EXPLORE more of who we are and how we are in relationship. There was a great balance of practical teachings and experiential, embodied practices for a comprehensive and integrated course. I am deeply grateful for Anaia's facilitation. I found myself falling in love with her medicine more and more each class and sometimes simply knew I needed to show up to receive the transmission of her being." Verana B -Doula/Astrologer, Richmond, CA

This group was amazing, the connection strong and real and Anaia's wisdom supported me to become more attuned to my body, nervous system, needs, desires, and so on. This truly is the most potent work for real healing and connection! Thank you Anaia, I am so deeply grateful to have been in this container you created." Nicole

"All The Layers with Anaia was so transformative. I do not say this lightly - it was one of the most transformative containers I've ever been in. If you want to heal your nervous system, I cannot recommend it enough." Emelitta Leanne

"I feel that so much is taught just from the tone of Anaia's voice and embodiment of the tools in the group. It is so so so powerful! Thank you for the beautiful energy that you bring, Anaia. I am learning so much in All The Layers and it has been a true blessing to find you and your work!" Daniel Merlis

"Anaia I cannot express enough how grateful I am to be in this container. I feel like all the work I've been doing over the past few years is finally coming into embodiment through the practices you are sharing and having such a safe space to practice them in. I truly didn't know how much I needed this. I have felt so seen and so heard and things really started to make sense in a way that doesn't perpetuate self shame. I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that we are only 3 calls in and I already feel so much healing." Hara Ananda

"The course was so lovingly guided, I felt comfortable and welcome right away. Some pretty deep emotions came through and the container felt very safe to both share and receive. I had not realized that even though I do a lot of inner work, I had not given myself the actual space to be heard outside of my own mind or journal. This was a deep experience for me, to share, to be seen, and heard. I now use the orienting, as well as the sensations, emotions, thoughts daily. It has helped me embody and ground into the present moment. I have also been able to open and share of my own personal experience, which is a huge leap." Jennifer C - Intuitive Energy Guide, Boise, ID 

“I definitely feel I am a new person with many techniques and communication tools to take into any type of relationship. Every call I learned how to listen to my body, inner child and also tend to any other wounded parts of self that need so attention.. not to mention learning how to full body listen to others (yummy)... and then having "go to" tools for calming my nervous system during moments of discomfort, priceless!!

All The Layers has provided me with many solutions to the frustrations within my life that surround relating on any level (personal, business, friend, family). I have taken the beauty of these teachings and applied them with my children (7 & 9 yr old), ex-partner (my children's mother), my current partner and basically any other form of relating with those in my life who I value to deepen connection with.

After taking this course I have really begun to screen those who I allow into the sacredness of my heart while learning what is most valuable to me throughout all relationships in my life. I truly feel that every human could benefit from taking this course! I've never had so much growth and support while learning how to prioritize the needs of my body and nervous system, especially in front of the others within a group. This type of prioritization has literally shifted so many aspects within my life over the weeks of the course and has been a foundational layer for how I decide to show up in this world.” - Zuri Panacea

"All The Layers has given me a foundation to reconnect with my body and to find deeper levels of respect for myself, my feelings, needs and boundaries. It has taught me healthier ways to listen to myself and others, the power of presence and a gentler way of being. Each module is rich with new knowledge that I haven't seen anywhere else. I will walk with these tools for the rest of my life.

Anaia holds the space with so much integrity, openness and softness. She leaves all the mics open during the live calls so that all participants are included and their voiced welcomed at any moment. Somehow, this simple yet powerful openness already creates a different connection between the participants. The container is so welcoming, this course feels like home. The breakout rooms are magical and the exercises inspire new friendship and intimacy to arise between strangers with ease and play.

Anaia holds the energy of her teachings in such an embodied manner. Her confidence, calmness and genuine interests in all that is said is deep. 

A true inspiration of someone that actually got the inner healing alchemy right and has blossomed into an amazing human being.

I am sure that my personal relationships will also gain a lot from the communication practices. It's a whole different experience to relate in the way Anaia teaches. The world needs this medicine!" - Livia Achcar Mourão, Massage Therapist, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

"Honestly, I was hesitant to sign up for the program. Will I get enough of it? Do I even need this work? Am I sure I trust the container enough? Am I too mainstream for this? I leaned into my edge of comfort and decided to be open and curious about the experience. Clearly I was called to it for a reason, and my questioning was an important part of my decision process. What I got out of it was a stronger dedication to myself to 'do the work,' to be more open-minded to new experiences, and to lean into the trust with myself and others. It quickly became clear that Anaia lives what she teaches, that she is an embodiment of what 'doing the work' looks, feels and acts like. She holds space in a gentle and humble way that allows me to feel safe and supported to experience all the layers of my being. The practices and tools I learned went well beyond the standards taught in one-off classes. The practices and tools I learned were digestible and impactful without feeling too daunting to integrate. I really appreciate that Anaia's program has an integration/appreciation week, which to me is a testament to the thought and care she's put into her well-rounded program. The program and the way Anaia holds space moves at the pace of your nervous system - slow, mindful, and with lots of opportunity for reflection and integration. Anaia's level of attunement, both verbally and energetically, is in itself such an inspiration to be around, in addition to all the tools and practices she teaches." Shereen Samadzadeh 

"Before I joined All the Layers, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I just had that gut feeling that I needed to join. I didn’t know that this was a small group container. And surely I didn’t know that there would be partner practices. For someone who feels incredibly vulnerable to being seen, this was something I needed. Yet, I didn’t know thats what I’d be walking in to. I thought this was just another one of those courses, where there would be sort of “lectures” about “how to do the work.” And the clients were just there watching with little engagement. One of those “take notes” types of courses. No no no, I was very wrong. I was launched into a group container that I’ve wanted for so long. I was beyond excited that this was the spot where there was actual engagement and terrified at the same time because something in me knew that a lot of magic and shadows were going to be brought forth. And that’s exactly what happened. One of my favorite things I’ve learned from Anaia throughout this course, is how slow she takes everything. The pauses. How necessary it really is for everything to digest and integrate. The space where we were free to express ourselves regardless of where each and everyone of us were. It was a shameless space. And she was open hearted & open minded! Which I love. I loved all the practices that we did on the live calls. For me, I have to learn hands on. I have to be engaged and do the things instead of just learning about them by notes or watching someone else do it. Having that guide in front of you, leading you through practice I find is very essential when taking the first steps towards doing any practice on your own. It was beautiful to be witnessed and to witness others. I learned very valuable tools that I get to keep in my back pocket and pull them out when I need them most as well as on a day to day basis. I have come to learn more about my nervous system in this course, more than any other place. Mainly because she embodies what she teaches, which I find so important in a teacher/mentor. This has been such a healing and safe place to be. I would honestly recommend it for anyone who really wants to learn about their nervous system, connect with their inner child, and learn how to listen to those you care about without trying to fix them or change them. There’s a lot of gold in here!" Meara Duncan

"Anaia wrapped us in a strong, safe and loving container and held it (and all the energy within) so strongly during our journey. In all her holding, she also showed up fully as an equal and authentic participant in the learning and integration of these teachings. There was never a session where I felt that Anaia was not fully there with us, humbly and fluidly expressing the different roles that the energy required. I came to know Anaia as a sister, a friend, a mother, and a spiritual guide. She was always transparent about where she was on her personal journey and owned her process in a way that was so relatable and comforting. For me specifically, her way of holding and connecting was helpful in overcoming a lot of the edginess and tendency to compare myself that I feel when showing up in a group."

"Working with Anaia transformed my life and how I feel about myself and in my own skin.  

I did not know what to expect going into the sessions at all because she has many different practices and skills. Her calm disposition and the way she held space for me was like no other practitioner I’ve ever worked with.  She helped me to slow way down in my thoughts, my mind and my body and really honor each and every breath, movement, thought and word that was coming throughout the sessions. Her modalities are invaluable but the delivery of the teachings is what makes the time so precious and unique.  

I absolutely love Anaia and will continue to have her as my mentor and teacher on my healing journey. It is one thing to have a practitioner teach you skills and quite another to have one teach them while also really living and breathing these very skills themselves daily.  This is what resonates in the sessions,  her dedication to herself and her ability to teach while leading by example in the most humble, beautiful ways.  

Before these sessions I was unaware that I could enjoy coming down into my body, that I could FEEL my body, honor it and love it.  I was unaware that my inner child was calling for my attention and that I could speak to her, write to her, and love on her whenever she needed me.  

Everything has changed for me and how I live my daily life since these sessions and I am stepping into the person I now believe I deserve to be. I would put all my trust in Anaia to hold my hand down the shadowy paths of this healing journey for as long as possible." Selden Beylouni

"Anaia was present, devoted and consistent in her communication giving us all loving support. I truly admire her ability to tap into her intuition and listen to the wisdom of her womb space. She TRULY embodies this healing work and it shows when she leads group meditations and when she speaks from her heart. She really feels into how she communicates intentionally. She is also deeply knowledgeable about trauma which as a therapist, I truly appreciate!"

“I just wanted to thank you for what an incredible container you hold. There’s such a level of integrity and sensitivity and awareness and thoughtfulness and depth that you bring to your space holding. As I’m getting more familiar with you and how you navigate things, I feel this resting in my nervous system and a huge part of that is having an integral container. I feel really passionate about all of this and I just wanted to thank you. You’re such a gem.”

"Anaia has a special gift of honoring vulnerability and creating authentic connection!"

"Anaia’s presence was caring, gentle and loving and the work we did together was deep and powerful. The way she held the space allowed me to instantly feel safe to surrender and go deep. Her wisdom, presence, and connection to her heart is tangibly felt."

"I am so grateful that I said YES. I could not have imagined the bounty that waited on the other side of investing in my growth. I received so much more than money could have ever paid for!"

 All photos by the incredible: Violet Visions Media

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