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Hi! I'm Anaia

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I am deeply passionate about supporting people to come back into their bodies and to regulate their nervous systems to experience a little more ease, joy and connection in their lives.

I see nervous system regulation as the foundation to everything.

Coming from a background of C-PTSD, severe depression & disorganized attachment, as well as being HSP and neurodivergent, I was deeply struggling and nothing seemed to be working.

A pivotal moment in my journey was doing a womb surround process with Ray Castellino. I truly feel this opened the door to the path I am on now.

A year later I started working weekly with a mentor who was trained in somatic experiencing, NARM and Ray Castellino's pre and peri natal somatic therapy and this is really where things started to click and slow changes began to be happen.

I realized my nervous system was stuck in a shut down and freeze response and it would take me months to get out of it! I began to learn the ends and outs of my somatic body and my internal world while being lovingly held in a safe and secure space by my mentor.

I have been working with my mentor for almost 2 years and this is by far the #1 thing that has supported me in regulating my nervous system and moving closer to secure attachment. 

Having complex trauma and disorganized attachment has not made relating easy. There was so much fear, anxiety and pain in the way of being able to form secure and loving friendships.

I never gave up though, I continued to get support and figure out the ways I could experience deeper intimacy and connection in the way 
I longed for.

Now, I am on my way to secure attachment and it is my absolute joy in supporting others to learn the ins and outs of their nervous systems as well as how to have authentic and secure relationships.

Everything I embody and share is because I have needed it myself. 

One of my geniuses is supporting people with the rupture and repair process.This is a foundational piece of having secure relationships.

It is my deepest joy to support you on your journey to secure attachment.

If you would like to work 1:1 click here

Or if you'd like to join the next round of ALL THE LAYERS, click here.

I facilitate authentic relating workshops


am a certified Womb Practitioner, Attunement Therapy Practitioner, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (Level 3) & Yoga 200 hr RYT (emphasis on Kundalini & Restorative Yoga).

I have studied Attachment Therapy with Diane Poole Heller, Pre and Peri Natal Somatic Psychology with Ray Castellino and have worked with a somatic mentor consistently for 2 years. 

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