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1:1 Somatic Coaching for individuals and couples

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Nervous System Regulation - Learn the ins and outs of your nervous system & what your home away from home is when you are outside of your window of tolerance. Receive practical tools to support you when you are dys-regulated and be held in an attuned and compassionate container where all parts of you are welcome, even the ones that want to push support away.

Embodied Communication Skills - Communication is a major key when it comes to relating. Embodied communication is an art. When you learn how to track your sensations and emotions and bring your full presence into conversations it opens a shared space of connection and vulnerability for deeper, authentic and more attuned connections. The art of understanding each other is crucial in relating. 

Repair Attachment Wounds - Our attachment system forms from pre-conception until we are about 2 to 3 years old. This means that majority of our patterns, imprints and triggers are pre-verbal which can make it really confusing when they arise in your relationships. These are called implicit somatic memories and the more awareness we can bing to them, the more we can repair our attachment wounding. The most efficient way to work on secure attachment is to be held in a trauma informed, attuned and compassionate container. Come practice secure attachment!

Inner Child Healing and Re-parenting - We will gently meet your inner child and go at the pace of your most fragile self. Re-parenting is the way you learn to love and accept the parts of yourself that have not been fully seen and accepted. Inner child healing allows you to trust yourself more and know you got yourself no matter what happens externally. This takes a lot of consistency and practice and being mirrored accurately how to be with your little one.

Shadow Expression - Meet your core wounds in a totally different way than how most people would tell you! This is one of my favorite practices and I can't wait to share it with you!

The Art of Embodied Repair - In order to have healthy and secure relationships we have to learn how to be comfortable with the repair process. We will explore different somatic practices so you can get the felt sense of how to have a repair in a good way so it will set you up for success when you have to do it in real life!

Somatic Boundaries - Learn what your needs are and how to communicate them. Bring your competent protector online and find the sweet spot in your relationships by having healthy and loving boundaries.

Topics we will cover

Trainings & certifications

  • NARM Trauma informed professional 

  • Attunement Therapist


  • Certified Polyvagal Informed

  • Studied with Diane Poole Heller in: Attachment Strategies for Adult Relationships/ Attachment Mastery Program Level 2

  • Studied with Ray Castellino in: Dropping into Prenatal and Perinatal Implicit Memory with Ease & participated in a Womb Surround Process Workshop lead by Ray.


  • Certified Womb Practitioner


  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (Level 3)

  • Yoga 200 hr RYT (emphasis on Restorative Yoga)

  • Self Studied Continuum Somatic Movement

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